I went on another 3-day juice and will never do it again

I did it again. I survived 3 days on pure juice. This time, instead of making the juices myself, I dropped $240SGD on 24 bottles of cold-pressed juice, 8 bottles a day for 3 days (Wednesday through Friday).



Conclusion? I am never doing it ever again.

Sure, I feel less fat and I probably lost some weight, but the time it is taking me to ‘recover’ is not worth it. Compared to the first time I went on a juice cleanse, this was easy peasy. The difference was that this time, I had no cravings whatsoever to eat. Watching people eat helped a lot. It may have made my friends and colleagues feel a bit uncomfortable, what with my big brown eyes staring at their chopsticks clasping the noodles or the sounds of their mouth chewing and savoring that juicy chicken, but I was literally feasting with my eyes. There was one point in Day 2 where I yelled aloud “why the hell am I doing this to myself!” But there was free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the office, so I guess that made me lose control just a little bit.


What pushed me to go on this juice cleanse was the need to clean my body of the literal crap I’ve ingested for the past 3 months. Since July, I’ve been loosening the reigns on what I put in my body and felt like it hit a point where eating healthy would only last til after lunch. Then the snacks, sweets and indulgent dinners with friends will commence, which kinda just cancels out the healthy morning I had. It does not help that my amazing wonderful office offers free lunches, chips, cookies, fruits, granola bars- you name it and it’s there (not that I am complaining).

The most obvious reaction that my body gave to the lack of fuel and sustenance was feeling completely light-headed on day 1 at 4pm, having a hard time waking up on day 2 and 3 (literally had to peel myself off my bed), and the conversations that my tummy was having with my colleagues between 2-4pm. I did not go to the gym at all these 3 days, which is an accomplishment if you ask me. It’s not that I didn’t want to go. I still set my alarm for 5:45am. It’s just that when it rang, I felt like I was being squeezed into a 6-inch wide tunnel and my head would combust if I opened my eyes. When I sat up, my world was actually spinning, so I just went back to sleep, woke up at 7:30am and experienced the same effect all over again. That’s what juicing did to me.

I’ve been sick ever since my cleanse was over. This is attributed to the fact that my body was lacking the nutrients my body needed to sustain itself. The juices were also hella cold for me to drink first thing in the morning so I got a sore throat (it’s an Asian thing- drinking cold stuff in the morning is a big no no for the body). I’m still recovering as I’m writing this post.

The worst part is? I slipped right back into my old habits after I finished my cleanse. There were just too many things happening that weekend and the following week that I would rather say yes to than give excuses like “oh no, I’m living on lettuce and carrot sticks- I can’t have brunch even though you’re visiting from the U.S.” or “I’m sorry I can’t go for two dinners because I am surviving on rocket salad”. Naw. Experiences > diet.

Might as well, right?
Might as well, right?

So if you’re thinking of spending a bomb on juicing, ask yourself why you’re doing it and most importantly, if you are able to commit to eating clean after it’s over. Otherwise there’s no point.


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