Bungee Jumping 007 Style! (Video at the end)

I stepped onto the ledge, and I leaped.

…Okay it wasn’t that graceful. More like just tipped over and screamed my heart all 220meters down.

Serenely looking down
Serenely looking down

About a month and a half ago, I was finally able to tick something off my bucket list (not that I really had a bucket list… it’s more like I created a bucket list for this event).

I went bungee jumping! This was one of the things I’ve always dreamed about doing and yes, dreams do come true (however simple they may be!)

My boyfriend and I drove to the Italian part of Switzerland and went bungee jumping on our last day there. Although it caused a small dent in our pockets (it was 390CHF for both of us including a GoPro video), it was well worth the money because we’ve been waiting to do this for half a year. Plus, the bungee jump at Verzasca Dam is the most famous in the world! As if being the third highest bungee jump in the world isn’t enough, the view at Verzasca Dam was absolutely breathtaking. You could see the lake and mountains in the distance, and if you looked even further, the alps were nestled in the back.

Verzasca Dam



The entire ordeal took around an hour and a half because there were so many people jumping! There was literally a line- people came, got strapped in, showed the procedures of after jumping on a beach chair, jumped, and came back up. Even though our reservation was at 1:30pm, my boyfriend jumped at 2pm and I jumped at around 2:30pm. Also FYI- I had a very sprained ankle at the time (we went hiking the day before and I sprained the same ankle I sprained a couple months ago), but that didn’t stop me. So anybody who thinks they can’t bungee jump because of an ankle sprain, don’t let that stop you!

For someone whose biggest fear is falling backwards when going up on an escalator (there’s nothing blocking me if I fall backwards!), my heart was incredibly calm as I stood over the ledge and looked down. I anticipated that my heart would flutter and go crazy within me and I would feel like puking, but I realized that only happens when I take exams. I thought my heart would be at the back of my throat with the sinking feeling in me, but I stayed as calm as a graceful gazelle (onomatopoeia and simile anybody?). Bottom line is, I couldn’t wait to jump off and I wasn’t scared. It felt like I’ve been ready for this my whole life.

Getting strapped in and trained
“How long have you worked here?” “This is my second year but I’ve been here the whole season this time round” It was a very windy day.
 Can you see me?
Can you see me?
Best time evar!

It wasn’t until my toes lost contact with the edge that I asked myself “what the hell am I doing?” But before I could ask myself another question, I was falling into the abyss with nothing holding me and nothing stopping me, and it was exhilarating. I only wish the fall lasted longer.

With my certificate and bungee cord souvenir!
With my certificate and bungee cord souvenir!

But next step- skydiving!

All pictures taken with my Canon 650D. Credits to anchunger for all the pictures!

Put your volume down in the beginning as my screams will fill your ears.



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