To Build A Home

She doesn’t deserve to be happy.

Night after night she sits on her chair with tears streaming down her cheeks, emotions cultivated from a silly TV show- emotions that were tucked too deep within her to be realized; emotions that would have never surfaced otherwise.

She crawls into bed at an untimely hour, hoping to stop the tears by shutting her eyes. But as she lies on her back, the tears seep through the corners of her eyelids; before they reach her cheek, she quickly wipes them away, ashamed at the neglected feelings they hold. With the force of gravity, they push through and meet the air; they flow past her cheek and into her ear. She turns to her side so the puddle will be formed on her pillow instead.

Happiness lasts but for a nanosecond in this world of infinite time.

The higher she goes, the more space there is to fall, and the harder she’ll land. Is it not selfish of her to be caught up in a moment, where her heart soars above the sky, when there are billions of people suffering?

It doesn’t make sense.