An Amazing Weekend

When was the last time you told yourself “I love my life”?

If you can’t remember, look into a mirror and say it to yourself now. Nothing humbles a person more than being able to appreciate life actively.

For me it was on Friday evening (three days ago)- there was 5 minutes left on my laundry and I decided to go outside for a cig. While I was walking around in the dreary weather, I realized what am awesome life I am having and smiled to myself saying “I love my life”. Granted that I was freaking out about exams two days before and hating life…


Doesn’t help that my friend was guilt-tripping me to go out with the NIGHT before the exam…

Real friends go for the guilt trip.
Real friends go for the guilt trip.

Anyway, after a horrible exam and two glasses of champagne, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Funny how when we are so busy we complain, and when we have nothing to do, we complain as well.

But my friend came to my rescue when she brought over some wine. After 2 reds and 1 white, we decided to brave the cold winter snow/wind and go out (at 11:20pm). Once we got to the destination, I dragged one of the girls to McDonalds and ordered a large pack of fries, large coke zero and chicken crockets (or whatever those chicken balls were). After downing the food, we went in and danced off all those calories.


Two hours later, my grandma mode set in and I dragged two of my friends to go home with me at 2am (luckily we caught the night bus so we had a free ride (more like didn’t pay) back).

At this time, my man was driving to a Skrillex concert that was one and a half hours away. I decided to accompany him on Viber, and was passing out over the phone while he rambled on about things I didn’t know about him (it was easier for me to ask the question and “listen” to him). I finally went to bed at 4am and woke up at 12:30pm the next day to a gazillion pictures and videos from the concert.

They mostly looked like this
They mostly looked like this

At 2pm (after a nice hot shower but having eaten nothing at all), my friends and I drove to town to stuff our faces with burritos. I demolished it in 15 minutes (it was huge!)

photo (16)

After walking around in the rain and buying ingredients for that night’s dinner, we went back to their place. I watched the couple do the insanity workout (which made me really want to pick it up and I will right after my ankle is healed), and then we started cooking! Dinner was:

Fried vermicelli with pork belly and vegetables, sambal squid and fish curry
Fried vermicelli with pork belly and vegetables, sambal squid and fish curry
Green tea mochi ice-cream for dessert. Orgasmic!
Green tea mochi ice-cream for dessert. Orgasmic!

We watched Frozen (6 out of the 8 people there have not watched it, me not included). Everybody loved it- I still think it’s an okay Disney movie. I decided to sleep over at my friends’ place and at the same time, booked my graduation trip with them. This is our itinerary:

It's gonna be amazing!
It’s gonna be amazing!

The next day, I literally spent 12 hours lazing around at their place. I live on campus (on top of a mountain) and barely get any sunshine in my apartment. But on Sunday, the sun was shining into their living room and it felt so chill. I went back home in the evening and fell asleep before midnight (I think I was having a food coma from dinner).

I was up at 8am (very early for me) because I wanted to be awake for my man’s birthday in California. We celebrated for three and a half hours before he went to get some shut-eye.

He no speaka Engrish.
He no speaka Engrish. (In this picture, he’s trying to open his eyes as big as he can- yes, the Asian stereotype is true- they have small eyes!)

It’s kinda funny how when you least expect it, someone comes into your life and turns it completely upside-down. It’s even more funny (I like to use the word funny when I don’t know how else to describe a life-changing event) when you don’t really know what it feels like to truly like someone before that person came into your life. You’ve had relationships and crushes before, but this one person makes all that irrelevant. This one person brings a whole new definition of love into your life. My love: I appreciate you like a thirsty man who has been walking in the desert for days appreciates water. I appreciate you like I appreciate having an umbrella when it’s pouring outside. I appreciate you like I appreciate an air-conditioned building on a hot summer day. But most of all, I appreciate you like I appreciate the sunshine on a gray winter day. You light up my world. Happy birthday:)

So there you have it. There’s my recap of the weekend and also of why I love my life so much. I haven’t posted in awhile because last week was the end of term so we had a project then exams. But this is the start of my entrepreneurship stream and hopefully it’ll be fun! I believe that every week is a gift (every day is a bit too cliché). Sometimes you are too busy to appreciate the day, but on the day that you feel more relaxed and find yourself a moment of peace, remember to love your life.

gif from whatshould we call me tumblr, pictures are all mine


2 thoughts on “An Amazing Weekend

  1. What a weekend, sweetie. I love green team Mochi so much! All of the other stuff sounds like a blast, too. So glad that you love your life; it;s the best feeling ever, isn’t it? Hugs to you, my friend. ~BigLizzy

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