A Splendid Day

You know when you have a shitty day, and you know when you just had an amazing day. Or at least I hope you do- I never realized it until after my life coaching. I never realized that I had a good day when I had a good day; I only realized that I had a shitty day when I had a shitty day (actually, most days were shitty for me).

But today was an amazing day (I still have the really good 24-hour story to tell- a friend is waiting for that post, but this one is fresh on my mind). You know that one day when everything just falls into place? That’s the kind of day I had today.

Even though I only had three hours of sleep before my 8am class, I was wide awake. Maybe even a little too crazy from the lack of sleep. But the day started with an overly positive attitude emitting from my pores. Okay no, it wasn’t all that dandy. I actually had a bit of a worry when I woke up, but my man compensated it with an awesome audio note. So that was splendid 1.

Splendid 2: In class, we were going through a really complicated (at least to me) case study about examples of innovation, and how much a company is willing to invest for that innovation. Yeah. I don’t get it either. But my friend spent almost an hour after class explaining it to me, and I am so thankful for that. I’m quite slow when it comes to numbers, so his patience when explaining to me meant a lot.

photo (6)
Tchyeah….. as I said, I’m not good with numbers. Or concepts. Same difference.

Splendid 3: After (a lot) contemplating (the weather was extremely shit), I decided to go downtown with a friend to get a burrito. Understand that Lausanne isn’t a very innovative city, so to have a burrito shop in Switzerland was like finding a unicorn. I haven’t had a decent burrito since July; finding this joint was such a relief. The little shop, called Burrito Brothers (opened by two Mexican bros just last month), served probably the most authentic burrito I’ve ever had in Europe. What was even more awesome was that these guys were basically American, so I felt right at home when communicating with them. Check out the Instagram picture on the left for the size of that burrito!

Splendid 4: My friend and I sat in the little 5-seat restaurant, eating and talking for almost an hour. We haven’t spent proper time together for about a week now because of a project and exam, and it felt great catching up with her. She’s one of the only people who really understands me, the situation in my life, what I’ve been through (because she was there for me when I went through everything this summer), and supports me through everything I do. Coincidentally, she is INFJ and I am ENFJ (1% Extrovert) in the Myers-briggs test. We were rekindling a friendship that started in the beginning of freshmen year, fell apart in sophomore and junior year, and picked up the pieces in senior year.

Summer 2010 during Singapore National Day // November 2013
Summer 2011 during Singapore National Day // November 2013

Splendid 5: Next, my friend wanted to make custard buns. The ingredients to this are quite complicated, and we went to Coop, a local supermarket to find them. When we got to the baking section, we had no idea where the wheat starch, yeast, custard powder and caster sugar were. After staring aimlessly at the shelves for 10 minutes, Emma decided to ask a staff. The first barely spoke English, so he went to look for someone else. The woman spoke English, but not good enough to understand what we were looking for. While she stood there trying to help us, the first guy came back with the manager, who spoke great English. Normally the staff would just say “no” to the question “vous-parlez français?” and walk away. But the manager spent around 15 minutes helping us translate the English words to French, and then finding the ingredients. All of them. Even the wheat starch. Kudos to him.

Splendid 6: We went Body Shop to get me some lip balm. Since I was there, I decided to ask them about the situation of my skin as it has been bothering me for awhile now. I have these spots on my cheeks that never disappear (I never used to get these, only in Switzerland!). I’m certain it is a combination of lack-of-sleep and a poor diet that contributed to this, but as a student there are some habits that are hard to change (I’m still surviving this 16-hour day on 3 hours of sleep and I’m perfectly fine). I was inquiring with the staff about what Body Shop had to offer for these spots. The staff started explaining in English, but moved onto French as it was easier for her. At that time, a lovely lady came up to us and basically translated everything from French to English. She also talked to me about how bad her skin was, and how she applied Tea Tree oil to make it better. I love hearing the experience from a consumer’s point of view and not just being sold a product from the staff. With her great recommendation, I decided to get the Tea Tree gel product and I really hope it works. I was so grateful for the time she took to explain her point of view to me.

photo (10)
I really hope it works..! My skin is naasty.

Splendid 7: I was going to be late for a role-play with a student who was applying to my university (it was Selection Day in our university these past three days- we hand pick our students through face-to-face interviews and real-life situation role-plays that could happen in the hospitality industry and other tests). I was freaking out and asked two of my friends who were ambassadors as well, for their help. One of them immediately talked to the admissions officer and told me thatI can be late for 10 minutes; he called me at the time of the role-play and was actually going to take my place, but I was on my way already. He met me in school and walked me to the room that I was supposed to be in. I am so lucky to know that the people I think I can rely on, are actually there for me. With the other friend, this says it all:

photo (7)

Splendid 8: After the role-play, my jewfro friend and I decided to have drinks. Or it’s more like I wanted him to have alcohol with me while I consumed three glasses of red. We just met recently (two weeks ago) and realized how well we clicked, but never had the chance to sit down and have a talk about our lives. But that is exactly what we did today. I had such a great time learning about him and what he’s been through, and I love that he’s so open to me about everything. Hearts to le jew!

Splendid 9: I had a spontaneous dinner with a good friend of mine (he made pasta with expired sauce- yum!). While my room mate was still here, we talked about things that’s been happening in our lives (well really, my life) recently, and they were super supportive. They were engaging, shared with me their point of view, and really listened. Even though we see each other every day, it’s rare to have these moments of clarity and have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Nine splendids today. I think that’s pretty damn awesome. I realized that it is extremely important to have a positive attitude towards life. With a positive attitude, you attract positive people, and the people around you are generally happier. I used to be different. I used to be closed off, get pissed at every little thing that annoyed me (which was almost everything) and well, to put it simply, ill-tempered. Now, I don’t see the point in getting irritated or bothered by little things anymore. It’s such a waste of energy towards being pissed off, and I would much rather be happy, because that does not take any energy at all and creates a special aura that attracts the people around you.

Aww yeeeee
Aww yeeeee

I am so blessed to have so many awesome people in my life.

How about ya’ll? When was the last time you actually realized you had a great day and was thankful for it?


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