A Case of Bad Luck

I just had one of the best 24 hours of my life.

But first, a little story about my laptop. Just three months ago (in October), my laptop greeted me with loud tack-tack-tack noises and…


The blue screen of death! This was the result of a toasted hard-drive. Needless to say, I’m alive and I survived the ordeal of not having a laptop two weeks before I left Seychelles. I even managed to blog a little from my 3.5 inch wide iPhone! As soon as I returned to Shanghai, I changed my hard drive (cost me around $80- beats buying a new laptop), and my baby was good as new!

But then this happened yesterday:

Yeah, my sentiments exactly

It is always that one evil bottle whose cap is just a little bit loose that results in chaos in a handbag. It’s extremely frustrating- I have friends who spilled water/beer/tea on their keyboards and their laptop is fine (they didn’t even use a keyboard condom!) And then there’s me- never having spilled anything on my laptop before and I protect it with a condom, but shit still happens.

At first glance, it seemed like only my case was wet, so we dried that off with tissues. Then I realized some water managed to seep into the case, so that went off and I dried it off as well. I knew the water didn’t into the motherboard (didn’t look like it at least), so I wasn’t concerned. Upon arriving home, I turned on my laptop and was once again, greeted with a heart-sinking blue screen; this time with a peculiar pattern.

“OH F***”.

I had that one moment of panic, but then got my shit together. I searched on my iPhone on how to deal with this situation. I found a great article that said I should turn on my laptop and run some things so that it will get the fans of my laptop going, which in return, would heat up the computer and dry the screen. Only thing is, I couldn’t get my laptop to start. Whenever I turn it on, it would stay stuck at the apple screen. I tried leaving a blow dryer on a low/cool setting near the screen, but that didn’t work. All I can do now is wait.

There is a moral to this story, and that is: I realized my tolerance for shit that happens in my life has increased. In another words: I realize that bad luck is my middle name, so I’ve come to terms with it. Before, I would have genuinely freaked the fuck out and told everybody who had ears what happened; I would be hunting for sympathy. Now, I have become an expert at the waiting game. Let’s cross fingers that in a week’s time, my baby will dry up (and I will have all my pictures and I won’t have to spend a fortune on a new MacBook).

For now I am leaving it like this in front of the heater:


I wouldn’t have been able to type this post if my room mate wasn’t such a deep sleeper (she slept through seven alarms this morning, thus she missed class, which meant she didn’t bring her laptop). As soon as I came back from class, I jumped onto her laptop and started typing. In the absence of my laptop, she has generously lent me her iPad.


This seems like a long enough post. The story of my awesome 24 hours will come up tomorrow. Or the day after. I have an exam on Monday that I haven’t started studying for. Ah college life.


6 thoughts on “A Case of Bad Luck

  1. Wish your macbook “get well soon!” I know the feeling when you see the blue screen. I have experienced it for 4 times. I will try google for solution but usually in the end I will turn to expert help.

  2. Attitude is everything, my sweet friend. You’re doing a great job of dealing with these mishaps. And, you can now go forward into life saying “Only good luck happens to me”, becauuuuse, our words have huge power in our lives. Our words and the thoughts behind them come true. Tell yourself that you have the best luck in the world and eventually that will be the case, always. Big, warm hugs to you, sister. ~BigLizzy

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