30 Day Challenge: Day 30- Reflect back on your 30 days

Okay. Yes, I am two days late and yes, I will write this in the point of view of who I was on Friday, BUT I just have to add this: I am home, sleeping on my mum’s bed and I am 22 today. I have never even more content in my life.

So. The last post of the 30 day challenge will be a reflection of everything I’ve done for this one month. Y’all know that I started this as a countdown for the day I get to go home, and it was honestly a great way to pass time. When I first found out about the 30 day challenge through a few blogs, I thought to myself: could I really do this? Should I do this even with the shitty Internet I have in the staff accommodation? Then I thought why the hell not?? There was really nothing to stop me. So I decided to take a chance and do it. I needed an outlet to vent and also needed to have some fun in my boring but ‘calm’ island life.

Throughout these 30 days, the first thing I learned was persistence. Really posting everyday and having something to post about is not easy. But I think it’s making that promise to the online community that pushes me to hold up my end of the bargain, even if no one reads my blog :P but I know there are a few so yay.

Second- I really opened up myself to the world about anything and everything. From my everyday life to my deepest worries about life, all of you were there to support me.

Third- I realized just how much I love writing. I still do need to generate more traffic on my blog, so from now on (well, after I get a laptop), I need to focus on commenting and visiting other bloggers’ blog. My next goal is to reach the level of having at least 20 likes per post with 10 comments. Well I’m still aiming for that 4000 views- almost there! But I’m going to make sure that my posts from now on aren’t rushed. A few of these 30 day challenge posts have been rushed because I didn’t have enough time to sit and think about what I wanted to write. But from now on- well maybe Tuesday or Wednesday when I get my new laptop- they will be more insightful posts.

Okay I have to end this now because I’m going out for lunch with a friend and haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.

So here’s a sneak peak of something I will write about next post:



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