30 Day Challenge: Day 27- I wanna be a millionaire, so freaking bad

I can’t stop the countdown now.. in 3 days I will be on the plane to Dubai, then to Shanghai!

Today’s topic is from my dear friend Xiao Wei, who suggested a few choices. But I liked this one the most- if you were a millionaire, what would you do with your money?

Well, if I were a millionaire- actually, let’s define how I would become a millionaire first. I would win the lottery. Easy as that. So once I win the lottery, this is what I would do with my money:

1. Pay for our house in Shanghai to be completely refurbished- the walls are cracking at parts, the paint is falling off, we have lots of pests during the summer, and the water pressure in our bathrooms is shit. Also our stove is really old (from Germany back in the 90s), so I would either want to fix it, or buy a new one for mum and dad. I would also need to get a new freezer for my mum as the one we have now is also back from the 90s. So, in order for my parents to have a more comfortable life in Shanghai, those are the things I would do first. Oh- also fix the garage door and remote, as that’s dead as well.

2. I would donate some of the money to a worthwhile charity that I would volunteer at. Whether that’s building houses, volunteering at a children’s hospital, volunteering at a recently damaged area, taking care of animals etc., I would donate my money after I have donated my time.

3. Use the money to pay for my sister (and parents if they want to come along) and mine’s travel to Africa/South America. I think it’s both of our dreams to go to those places, and what better time to do that than now?

4. The rest of the cash? Put it in a bank, or invest it in some stocks (not that I know anything about stocks.. So I would need to figure that out first as well). That way, I will hopefully keep my millionaire status foreverrr!

What would you guys do with the money?


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