30 Day Challenge: Day 25- 3 excuses you tell yourself

So. Today’s post will be about 3 excuses that I give myself in life.

1. On my health: When I know I gained weight (like this summer), I always tell myself: it’s okay… When you go back to (whichever country I live in), you’ll lose it all. Which is mostly true.

Surprisingly, I gained weight in Seychelles. I thought that when I came here, I would lose lotsa weight because I wouldn’t get used to the food here as there’s no fresh produce. But I was wrong. As  repetitive as the staff canteen food gets, I still eat a full lunch every day. I eat three full meals a day, dinners are usually lighter unless I have a hosted dinner. The worst part is that the meals aren’t healthy- for breakfast I usually have a peanut-butter and ham sandwich.

My usual breakfast
My usual breakfast


For lunch, I have a full plate of carbs and a bit of protein and vegetables. For dinner, I usually have whatever crap I can find in my house. I think it’s sitting in the office that kills me the most. So the excuse that I give myself is that I’m not obese, I know I’m fat, but it’s okay because I’ll figure out a workout regime when I get back to university. Let’s see if it’ll happen..! I think it will though.. Like when I went back to Singapore one month in July, I lost weight because I was eating healthily and walking everywhere. I plan to workout a lot in Switzerland and eat healthily again.

2.  On skipping classes: It’s okay… The teacher is so boring, no one goes to that class, and I can just study off past exams anyway. Even if I go, I’m probably going to not listen and fall asleep.

This has worked for me from my freshmen year to my junior year, but I hope to stop during my senior year. It’s such a bad habit to skip class just because sleeping is more important (let’s face it- that’s really the only reason we skip classes!). Think about all the money our parents are paying for us to go to such prestigious universities! I was so close to having retakes in my junior year because I skipped so many of the marketing module classes. But honestly, some of the teachers at my university are not fit to be teachers, but industry experts instead. They should all be researching for the university and not standing in front of a class full of young-adults who have short attention spans.

3. On dropping my iPhone, glasses, laptop- fragile things: I’ve dropped it so many times already and it still seems like it’s working. So it should be okay!

The first time you drop your iPhone or something important, you freak the fuck out. But when it happens a second or third time, you get used to it. Your smart phone device is still working, your laptop is still alive (mine isn’t…), and your glasses are still in tact. So who cares! But this is so bad… This is why my devices don’t last more than 2-3 years, because I treat them so badly. Honestly, I think I’m just not that kind of person to handle things delicately; I’m quite rough. This also applies to say, the kitchen, when I’m cooking. I bang things around (my mum would freak!) and do things very quickly and hurriedly. Hm… to think about it, I should take my time. What’s the rush? Life should never be rushed; you should appreciate every minute of every day (every second seemed like a bit too much..).


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