30 Day Challenge: Day 24- Describe the last really good day that you had

This post is for yesterday. It is to describe the last time you had a really good day. Here’s mine:

I just had the best Friday night and Saturday of my time on this island. And it could not have happened at a better time. I finally broke up with my boyfriend on Friday afternoon via whatsapp at work (I know, it’s by text, but it doesn’t really seem like he cared anyway). All I wanted to do for the evening was stay on my couch and be sad. I even gave in and texted him (though his replies were curt). I wanted to text him all night, because I yearned for his attention. I wanted him to text me the way he used to, and this was compeltely selfish of me. I just broke up with him- I should just leave him alone and let him move on. But still, the weak part of me wanted him back. I was prepared to text him all night long when my cutie-pie Russian neighbor threatened me “if don’t go, I not speak with you!” We already planned to party on Friday night because it was my last weekend, and I’ve never been to the club in Praslin. Also, the Egyptians were leaving, so it was a little farewell thing. I resisted for like two hours, but I decided “fuck it. I brought all this makeup here and never used it once. What a waste!” (Also because of course, I wanted to see what the hype was all about at this club). So I listened to her, and got up, dressed up, and went out to have the best night of my summer.

Egyptians, Russian and Chinese
Egyptians, Russian and Chinese

Saturday was my best off day yet. Long story short- I woke up at 9:30, went to the shops to get juice, called my boss (that day we were just friends, not colleagues). She picked me and one Egyptian up, we went to the hotel to pick up two more Egyptians and the Russian chick, and we went to the beach. We chilled at the beach for three and a half hours, then went for lunch at 3pm. We chilled at the restaurant for another 3 hours, then went to watch the sunset at the highest peak on Praslin. We JUST caught it going down. Afterwards, we sent the Egyptians back, and the three of us ladies went to have dinner at 9pm at the resort. It was the mixed grilled seafood lobster night! I’ve wanted to have this ever since I came, and I finally had the chance to! It was great bonding time with the sales and marketing team. We then went up to the terrace, and had shisha and Pink Lady cocktails. We got home at midnight, and I was in bed by 1am.

Dinner at Raffles Praslin Seychelles, Losean Restaurant

I’ve never had such a care-free day before, with no drama. At all. Honestly the company was the best I could ask for. Egyptian men are so hilarious and always have something to say. It helps to have a talkative boss as well, and I loved to just sit back and listen to everybody speak. We were like one big family.

Best. Day. Ever.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 24- Describe the last really good day that you had

    1. Hell yeah!!

      But you know what it’s hard because you have the peak period when you’re super happy, then you plummet down to the darkest depth when you’re sad. It’s tough but we deal!

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