30 Day Challenge: Day 17- 3 confessions of your choice

So yesterday was a super busy day. I worked 16 hours and was hosting the Pink Fashion Show at our hotel, so I had no time to write a post. So here’s one for yesterday (using my iPhone again cuz my laptop has no battery and I left the charger in the office. This also means no pictures..):

Three confessions of your choice

1. I am a really, really messy person.
This is not a surprise for those who have lived with me or been to my room in Switzerland for the past two years (heh), but for those who have never been to my living quarters, I am super messy. Once in every week or every two weeks I will clean up, and the house will look great. Clean and uncluttered, and I love it. But then after awhile, like 4 days, it gets very pigstyish. I guess I just don’t have a need to put things in places and folders and file and label everything. Because it will get all end up in a mess anyway. Plus when I try to start off the school year being super organized, it never works out. Anyway I can always find what I’m looking for in the mess, so no harm done!

2. I’m a total hobo on my days off
It’s kinda gross. Good thing I only get one day off a week. I usually just do my laundry and lie on the couch (and in my own sweat) all day. It’s ridiculous how damn hot it is here, and it really doesn’t help that there’s no AC. My hair is tied up and sweaty, and I’m sticky from the sweat, but I love how comfortable I feel in my own skin. And that’s all that matters. Do any of you guys have you own gross days?

3. I killed two snails while walking home at night and feel horrible about it. Both times were after rain. That horrible crunchy sound when you step on an entire life! Not just a life, but you’re also destroying a house. Two birds with one stone, and that was not a good thing. Every time I’ve stepped on one, my heart sinks a little and I whisper to myself ‘oh shit’. I can’t avoid them at night cuz it’s so dark here, so when I see the dead snail the next day I really try to avoid eye contact with the squished specimen.


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