30 Day Challenge: Day 16- 3 things you’ve lost/misplaced that have sentimental meaning to you

So my laptop just died on me. Well it works for ten minutes, then it starts making some weird scratchy noises and then all the apps stop working even though I can move my mouse around. Anybody have the same issue with their MacBook Pro?

Anyway I’m using my iPhone now (thank God that still works). Today’s topic will be any 3 things (or more) that you have lost or had stolen or misplaced that had sentimental meaning to you.

1. My red silicone band
So before I left for university back in 2010, I had this red silicone band that had an engraving in it. I think it was for cancer.

I wore it everyday. I’m not one who wears jewelry much (not that this is considered as jewelry), but I think I found this in my sister’s room (like many other things haha). It wasn’t flashy and for a good cause so why not? I grew attached to the bracelet and think I had it for a few months, maybe half a year before I lost it. I still remember where I was when I realized it was gone. It was during the first year of university- actually probably the second month. A bunch of the Asians went to explore Lausanne, and we climbed to the top of some place. I think I was playing around with my bracelet there. It was a really great evening- there was a playground and we were just messing around. I looked down at my arm and realized it was gone. You know that feeling that something just dropped into a deep dark hole in your chest? That’s what I felt. We went back to look for it but there was no trace at all. It wasn’t hard to deal with the loss of the bracelet, but the realization sucked.

2. Top shop hand-made gold diamond-shaped ring
This was probably my toughest loss because it was my favorite ring (and it also cost me £10- but it was handmade in Africa!) I bought the ring in London in December last year, and I remember I was standing in the crowded shop, just trying on different rings (I love rings). I saw this diamond shaped one- it was huge and looked really cool. Again.. It was also hand made and had some touching story in the back that I fell for, so I bought it. I was super happy with the purchase and wore it almost everyday. I brought the ring with me to Seychelles. When I found out I had to go back to Singapore at the end of June I was excited and decided to wear my favorite ring for the trip. It was all good- I was in the Dubai airport and all. Then after I went through the boarding gate, I went to the bathroom. I think I took off the ring when I was washing my hands. I left the bathroom, sat down, and ten minutes later realized it was gone. I went back in the bathroom and frantically eyeballed the sink area. It wasn’t there. I went into the stall, it wasn’t there. I looked through the hand-towel bin- it wasn’t there. Again, that dropping feeling in my chest. But this time, a weight came on my shoulders too. I couldn’t help but frown and walked slumply on the plane. I was really sad. But being back in Singapore helped, though I still think about it.

3. My current peacock bracelet!
I talked about this bracelet in on Day 1- it’s the one I got in Shanghai back in March. I have no idea what happened to it :(. I had it this Monday when I went to work and came home an hour later. I had it the whole day. I didn’t wear it to the beach, so it must be here somewhere. I looked all over the house but couldn’t find it. I have no idea where it went :( maybe I’ll find it when I pack up.. Hope so!

On another note, I have these horrible sunfly bites from Monday on my thighs and they are still itching. It’s really bad because I actually woke up last night at 4am from scratching in my sleep.

Tata til tomorrow!


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