30 Day Challenge: Day 13- List 10 things you would tell your 15 year-old self

Time for the second post of today!

Now, there are a lot of things I would wanna tell my 15 year-old self, but here are the top 10. At 15, I was in Sophomore year in high school, had my first serious boyfriend, and I think also lost some friends. It was also the first year I got into APAC Band (in Manila, Philippines), went to APAC Softball (in Osaka, Japan), and went to my first Prom.

1. Speak up during dinner time when Dad asks “how was your day?”! Don’t stay quiet- he is asking because he genuinely wants to hear about what you did. Even if you felt like you didn’t do anything, at least tell him what classes you attended and what the teacher talked about. Who knows, Dad might share some of his wisdom with you that could have changed your life!

2. Be more open-minded. Don’t be so stubborn and stick to routine. You never know, something might come your way and open your eyes to a whole new world.

3. Take more risks! Don’t be scared to do something fun, even though it is waaaay outside your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to live. Make friends with all those people in high school you’ve always w

4. Tell your parents you love them. Why do you have to wait until you leave home for a year to be able to feel the love and actually say it? (It’s probably a culture thing, but I say it all the time now:) )

5. Be more self-conscious of the way you act in front of other people. For me it’s self-explanatory. I think when I get comfortable with people, I start to act more like myself and tend to speak my mind no matter what. Sure that’s good, but just make sure you are sure of what comes out of your mouth, because not everybody is on the same level as you.

6. Don’t ever doubt yourself.

7. Believe that you have the potential to do whatever you put your mind to. Even if nobody thinks you can do it, or if you don’t think you can do it.

8. Don’t ever compare yourself to others. This is so much easier said than done, because I always compare. But honestly it’s one thing that I would ingrain in my 15-year-old mind.

9. Always remember that your friends are there for a reason.

10. Never take anything for granted. Ever.

Some of these things I’m telling myself now, some I would want to tell my future 15-year-old kid. Whatever it is, I hope I have these in my mind.

What about you guys? What’s one thing you’ll tell your 15-year-old self if you could?


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