30 Day Challenge: Day 11- Take a picture of the contents of your bag/purse

After all the drama yesterday, I think I need to do something fun and light today :) So I’ve decided to take pictures of all the contents of in my bag and write about them. Keep in mind that I’ve been using this bag ever since I arrived in Seychelles (for two months) and nothing in it has changed.

So here we go!

This is the bag I use for work. It’s quite tattered and torn now, but still useable.

The faithful Le Sport Sac that I use
The faithful Le Sport Sac that I use

I don’t think I’m gonna bring it back to Shanghai when I go back. Time to get a new one!


This is a pouch I bought in Shanghai in March. It basically has all my “essentials” in it, even though I only really use one thing, and that’s the pink vaseline lip balm. Otherwise I have two mascara’s that are like two years old but still work perfectly, a mac liquid eyeshadow, three kiko lipstick (who the hell needs three??), a labello sun protectant chapstick (that I never use because it gives my lips a weird color), a memory card for my camera, an eyelash curler, some cotton buds, a mirror and a hand sanitizer.

Who knew such a small pouch could keep so many things?


Of course, my iPhone, work phone, earphones, wallet and sunglasses.


And this is just a bunch of random crap. Like an adaptor- I used to bring this with my laptop to work when I didn’t have an extension cord, but now I do. It hasn’t made its way out yet. The calculator-like thing is used to go on my e-banking (usually at work). Another tiny pouch for women things. A shisha mouth-piece from Amsterdam. A hairtie. Keys. Etc.

Whenever security checks my bag, he says “you’re the only girl that has bags within bags within bags”. I find it pretty funny.

All pictures are mine taken by my Canon DSLR.

I’m so tired. Not looking forward to going home and being alone :(



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