30 Day Challenge: Day 7- Concerts you have attended

Oooo it’s day 7 already. It’s been a week since I’ve started this challenge and it’s so much fun writing!

Today’s topic: Concerts I have attended!

Okay, yes, when I was young, I saw Elton John in Shanghai and Ah Mei as well as Wang Li Hong. But didn’t really care for those. My concert “streak” started in the summer of 2012, when I went to see Westlife. Then in October 2012, I went to see Tyler Ward. November was Jason Mraz.

June 7, 2012- Westlife’s Greatest Hits/Farewell Tour in O2 Arena, London 

It is suffice to say that this was my first concert, and the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life. Westlife has been my favorite band since I was 8 years old, and I have always wanted to see them live. I had a chance to see them in Shanghai in 2006- the tickets were bought and I was so excited. Unfortunately, Nicky Byrne got sick, so they postponed the concert to June 25, 2006. That was they day I was flying to UCLA for summer school- I was so damn bummed.

Who knew that 6 years later down the line, I would have the chance to see them again! I can still feel the excitement and nervousness that I felt when I realized that they were having a concert in London. I bought the tickets on my 20th birthday, and didn’t hesitate to buy the 150GBP one, which includes a Westlife watch, a big Westlife booklet and a lanyard. Oh- we also had the best seats in-house. We were 12 rows from the stage, in seat L11 and L12. The day before the concert, Judy (who jumped at the idea of going with me- I was so lucky to know someone who loved Westlife as much as I did then because nowadays, everyone thinks they’re a bunch of insert-bad-word-that-I-should-not-say) and I went to an art store and bought a big poster so that we can wave it in Westlife’s faces.

The concert was nothing short of amazing. They made a grand entrance, I sang along to every single one of their songs (except for Lighthouse- the one from their newest album) and I think Shane even acknowledged me when I was obnoxiously raising the poster and blocking people behind me. What made it even better was the crowd and Judy. They are amazing on CD, and they are amazing in real life. I think once I turned to Judy and screamed “I cannot believe this is happening!!” It really was a dream come true for me and a tick off my bucket list.

Here are some pictures (just looking at them again brings back this feeling of excitement). You know that feeling when you land in a city, and you are just about to walk out the exit door after you grabbed your luggage, knowing that your loved one or your family or your friend is behind those railings wait for you? That was what I felt from the time I bought the tickets to the second before I saw them. That is a truly, truly sacred feeling.

What came with the awesome seats!
Our sign that we spent 2-3 hours making!
This is looking backwards from our seats.
This is looking backwards from our seats.
First glimpse!!! Do you see how close we were??
They are so perfect

It was completely surreal to me that I saw them live. I could not believe it. Even the next morning, I was like “did we really see Westlife live??” Thank God I will always have videos to prove it ^^

2. October 16 2012- Tyler Ward Concert, Lausanne, Switzerland

For those of you who don’t know Tyler Ward, he is probably one of the cutest and most humble YouTube stars out there. I’ve liked him since 2010, when one of my university friends showed me his video. But when he sang his rendition of “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz, I completely fell in love. I actually knew he was coming to Lausanne before the school year ended, but I couldn’t find anybody who wanted to go for sure, so I didn’t buy tickets. But then when school just started in September, my faithful concert buddy, Judy, texted me and asked if I wanted to go to the Tyler Ward concert. The tickets weren’t expensive- I think around 30CHF, so I said why not? He’s cute, a great singer and it’ll be a fun night. When we arrived at the venue (they actually changed it from a club to an underground cafe area), we were shocked. It was a tiny, tiny place! When I found out, I was really happy. This meant a more intimate concert and maybe even a picture afterwards!

I don’t think they were too happy about it though. When all the guests have arrived, there were only about 30-40 guests in total. So when Tyler Ward came out, he said “they just told us they moved our venue this morning, so we have no idea what is going on.” But oh well, I didn’t care. I feel like I had intense eye-sex with him all night when he was singing, and Judy and I even googled his original songs so we could sing along. Tyler Ward was very sick during his performance, but he still did a great job. We lined up afterwards to buy some merchandise, and we did get a picture with him! What was weirdest for me was… I really felt like I fell in love and out of love with him within 24 hours! I am a hopeless romantic, but I had no idea I could have such intense feelings for a “celebrity”. I think it’s just the idea of being in his presence and actually talking to him that made me go so crazy. But it’s okay, I’m over it now :)


I even got him to sign my wallet and t-shirt!

3. November 14, 2013- Jason Mraz, Tour is a Four Letter Word, Zurich, Switzerland 

After falling in love with his song, “I won’t give up”, I was quite excited when I heard that Jason Mraz is coming to Switzerland. My friend, Joan, asked me if I wanted to go with them to the concert (I actually had no idea he was coming- they told me), and I said yes with no hesitation. This was actually a bad time to go because we had one of our finance projects due the week after, but who cares! There were five of us who went, and the concert was a standing concert. We were lucky we saw the line when we were in the restaurant, so we got two people to line up outside first while the rest finished their food. We waited almost an hour before he came on stage. It was an awesome concert with all his songs and the last song was “I won’t give up”- a great end.

430667_3634217269162_1008126204_n (1) 26643_3634220589245_741523395_n

All pictures are taken by me.

My next concert is December 2, Imagine Dragons, in Zurich- the same venue that Jason Mraz performed. After that, it’ll be February 19 in Bern for One Republic.

Will definitely update ya’ll on that! Can’t wait!



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