30 Day Challenge: Day 6- Describe a typical day in your current life

Oh my goodness. It is FINALLY October. I have been waiting for this month since August. It was a grueling wait, but I can’t believe it’s finally here! This means 24 more days until I go home:DD

I don’t think there is ever a “typical day” for me in my life right now. I think the “typical day” will come when I start school again, or when I get my first job. Then I can get into a routine. Honestly though, I wouldn’t want to have a “typical day”, because how boring would that be? It’ll mean I know everything that goes on in my life and there is no anticipation!

See, this week is different because my boss is away in South Africa on business trip, which means I am in charge of the Sales and Marketing department. This means my typical day is like this (I’ve been working 8 days straight now)

7:10- Alarm rings, switch off alarm
7:14- Get out of bed, turn on music, pee, brush teeth, wash face, apply toner, apply face gel, change, brush hair, apply cream for arms, apply sunblock on arms
7:22- Pack laptop and laptop charger
7:23- Sit on the couch and reply whatsapp messages or watch CNN

Shitty TV channels that replay over and over again

7:29- Leave house and wait for bus

Waiting for the bus that is always 10 minutes late
Waiting for the bus that is always 10 minutes late

7:45- Arrive at hotel, change, come to the office and turn on computer
7:50- Read daily share, take note of all Chinese guests
7:52- Start writing Chinese welcome cards
8:10- Read emails and fuck around on laptop
8:30- Attend morning meeting with directors and General Manager
8:50- Finish morning meeting, go back, to desk, and fuck around more on laptop
9:00-13:15- Meet and check-in Chinese guests, do a hotel orientation and an in-villa orientation, help them with their itinerary, check emails, reply emails, work on Pink Party, work on New Years Video, work on wedding resume’s and BEO

Work area
Work area: Yes it is the messiest desk in the hotel (apart from Accounts)

13:15- Lunch in canteen
14:00- Back to the office
14:15- Site visit for a journalist or tour operator, bring them all around the hotel and praise Raffles Praslin Seychelles
15:15- Thank them for their time, and invite them to dinner
15:15-16:35- Reply more emails, fuck around on laptop
16:37- Leave office, change
16:45- Take bus and go home
16:45-18:25- Chill, watch shit TV, sit on the couch and drink, change into dress
18:30- Leave house, take bus and go back to hotel
18:45- Arrive at hotel, go straight to office, check emails and reply emails
19:00- Meet guests at Pool Bar for drinks, then dinner
21:30- Thank guests for their time, sign the bill, walk back to office, grab laptop, go home
22:00- Arrive home
22:10- Shower, wash face, brush teeth, apply toner, apply face gel, change, brush hair, blow dry hair, sit on couch for a bit

Couch with sheet because it is so dusty
Couch with sheet because it is so dusty

22:30- SLEEP

But then again, it is not every night that I host a dinner. So the nights I do not host dinners, I sleep at 21:00 instead. ^^

On another note, I updated my iPhone 4S to iOS7. It’s not bad, except whatsapp has not updated their software to iOS 7 yet; since I whatsapp the most, I don’t feel the difference much when I am on the app.

Thanks for reading folks! What is your typical day like?


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