30 Day Challenge: Day 4- Describe your top 10 pet peeves

Oh gosh, I am totally one-day late with this post. Doesn’t help that I had a dinner last night and a dinner tonight with tour operators and journalists.. I will catch up either today or tomorrow!

Here goes: My top 10 pet peeves.

1. People who walk slow in crowded places. 
I am talking about People Square station in Shanghai or anywhere else that is crowded. It’s like they know it’s rush hour and people are trying to get to work, but they still take their sweet time walking. I really don’t understand, because it is super hot underground as well, so why would they want to prolong their presence there?

2. People who cut lines (usually happens in China).
Even though they can SEE that you are standing there. My reaction is usually a death stare and a hand gesture that is basically “wtf, did you really just cut in front of me when you saw that I was standing in line?” Then it is followed by a confrontation where I usually get my way.

3. People who ask questions when the answers are right in front of their eyes. 
Example: I have a desk right next to the General Manager’s office and across the “Executive Boardroom” (it’s really just a room with a desk and chairs surrounding it). There is usually a morning meeting inside the executive boardroom everyday from 8:30am. This morning, one of my colleagues came at 9am and started whispering “psst! psst! are they still in a meeting?” when the door was closed and they were obviously still in a meeting. I don’t know- do you guys understand the frustration that goes through me? Especially when the colleague was trying to whisper, as if there is something to hide. This isn’t the first time that’s happened- so many people pass by my desk to whisper and ask “is he (the GM) in?” when it’s obvious that he isn’t because his lights are off or he’s busy because his door is closed. And I don’t understand the whispering! Do you have something to hide? Are you scared that the GM will eat you if he hears you talking?

4. When you’re eating an ice-cream cone or a popsicle, and the sugary sweetness drips onto your hands.
And you have sticky hands for the rest of the day. It’s the worst when it is a hot summer day and you just can’t get that sticky feeling off your fingers. Actually it tempts you even more to just put your forefinger and thumb together and feel the stickiness even more. This is why I always eat ice-cream in a cup.

Yeah that sucks.
Yeah that sucks.

5. When I can feel the germs and bacteria on my fingers after handling money or touching a trash can and I have to eat with my hands right after. 
It’s safe to say that I am a hygiene freak when it comes to personal hygiene. So when I have to hold onto the bus handles or pay for my McDonalds meal or try on shoes, I can literally feel the dirtiness in the lines of my fingerprints. I get super paranoid and have to find a washroom or a sink to soap it off.

6. When face wash or face lotion has a pump, and the last bit just won’t come out no matter how many times you press it!
I’m  having this problem with my Clinique face gel right now… I press the pump like at least 10 times, and only a tiny bit comes out. It gets pretty frustrating because clearly there is still quite a bit of gel left, but it just refuses to come out. I think someone needs to come up with a new design.

7. When you’re doing your nails, and you go to the bathroom and fuck it all up. 
Guys, you have no idea how frustrating it is when girls concentrate on painting their nails more than they do on exams and it comes out perfect. But one turn of the doorknob or one lift of the bag and it messed it up just brings on turmoil. Because then we have to use nail polish remover to remove the entire nail, and redo the base coat, wait for it to dry, the color, then the top coat. Frustrating, I tell you.

8. Speaking of nails- when it chips after one day. 
Just because you are an active woman and like to do a lot of hands-on things, even the best of the best top coat (Seche Vite) won’t stop the nail polish from chipping.

My nails now. It was like this after one day.
My nails now. It was like this after one day.

9. When people chew with their mouths open.
And I can see every piece of vegetable and rice being mashed up. I imagine they are screaming for their lives until I realize that I am staring. Then I quickly look away and try to focus on my own food instead.

10. When a corner of the screen protector of anything peels off. 
Like this:

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at PM 01.51.37

Isn’t that just so hair-wrenching? This is the phone I’ve been given at work, and it’s really annoying now, because I just want to peel the whole thing off. At the same time, I know I drop this phone a gazillion times, and if I peel it off, then the screen will be scratched, which is another pet peeve. Ah the dilemma!

What are some of your pet peeves? I would love to hear about them!


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