30 Day Challenge: Day 2- The meaning behind my blogging username

Today I will be writing something shorter. I went on a business trip to Mahe; this meant waking up at 6am and I reached back home at 7pm. I know it’s actually not a long time, but I guess something about traveling just tires me out! So I will take le easy way out, but will post something longer tomorrow!

Thinking back, I remember discussing with my sister about starting a blog somewhere in our emails. I searched my gmail, and alas! Look what I found:


How cool is that! And this was back in 2010. I created my tumblr account then, and even though I never really posted anything on there, the name was mine. So when I got an instagram, twitter and wordpress account, this username stuck!

But the actual meaning behind the words?

In 2009 when I Love You, Man came out, it was my best friend’s and my favorite movie. We loved everything about the movie, especially the part where Paul Rudd was explaining what “slappin’ the bass” was to his on-screen wife. Afterwards, we just could not get his impressions out of our heads, and would constantly scream “SLAPPA DA BASS” at each other over Skype or whenever we saw each other. It was absolutely hilarious and we always made each other laugh with this awesome re-enaction. This stuck for almost around a year, and to this day, it is still one of my favorite movies. That is where the “slapthe” came from.

Who doesn’t love sunshine? One of my favorite feelings is walking in the streets of wherever, and feeling the sun shining down on my face. Of course I prefer this when it is in the winter, but you get what I mean! I was also given the nickname sunshine a few times in my life. Hence, this is where “sunshine” came from.

So when I was thinking of blog names, I wanted something original and something that had the word sunshine in it. At that time, my best friend and I were still slappin’ the bass, so I thought these three words together would sound great. And voila, that is how I got my blogging username.

Okay P.S. I am posting this one day late because the internet at the accommodation sucked last night… I literally sat there for an hour after I wrote this post trying to post it. But I will post twice today to make up for it ^^.

Thanks for reading!


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