30 Day Challenge: Day 1- 20 Random Facts About Me

In honor of today, I am starting a 30-day blogging challenge.

Why, you ask? Why is today so honorable?

That is because it is September 25. This means exactly one more month until I get to fly back to Shanghai and celebrate my 22nd birthday with my parents and hopefully some friends as well. After all the shit I have been through in Seychelles, home is looking extremely desirable right now.

Things have started to look better yesterday, and I believe they will continue to get better. Not only do I have great friends and a great online community who show that they care about what I have been going through, things at work have been getting better as well.

Just yesterday, I practiced the law of attraction. I’m currently a Sales and Marketing intern at Raffles Praslin Seychelles. This means taking care of all the journalists and tour operators who stay here on a complimentary basis in order for them to feature an article about our resort or to send more guests here. On Friday, there is an editor coming from Hello! Middle East. When I was typing up her resume (information about the journalist and what they have done so far as well as the activities they will participate in while at the resort), I realized she is basically pretty damn awesome as she has interviewed many celebrities and is quite popular in the blogging/tweeting world. As I’ve always been into celebrities and journalism, I immediately wanted to be the one to host her dinner. When I talked to my boss about it, she told me she wanted to take another colleague to the dinner so that she can learn about how to host press trip dinners. I was a bit bummed out, but I would have the opportunity to have dinner with EWTC, a big tour operator in Europe. After I sent my boss the resume, I went to her desk and saw she was looking over what I sent. She asked me where this lady is from, and I said “I think she’s from England, because I went to her Twitter page and saw her add “X’s” at the end of her tweets, and usually British people do that”. My boss then nodded, scrolled down to the timetable where it said “dinner, hosted by ** and **”, and said “I think I will not take ** to dinner”. I immediately lit up and said “and take me instead?” She gave a slight nod, “yeah, I will tell ** that the lady will have a strong English accent and she won’t understand her”. Right then and there, I did an internal summersault and happily went to change the names in the resume.

So you see, when things are not going your way, you just gotta have a little faith, a lot of good friends, and some good karma.

Taken at Anse Lazio beach during sunset by the wonderful Jaffer.
Taken at Anse Lazio beach during sunset by the wonderful Jaffer.

Anyway, back to this 30-day challenge. One post a day for the next 30 days, until I get to China, where WordPress will be blocked but I will definitely try my best to find a VPN or something so I can continue posting. Usually when bloggers do the 30-day challenge, they put up a picture of what they will be writing about for the next 30-days.

I am going to do it differently. I will post up that picture at the end of the 30-days, so that every day will be a surprise for my readers!

Alright, let’s get on with it. 20 random facts about myself.

1. Regarding my ethnicity, my grandparents on my mum’s side are Indonesian (immigrated to Singapore during before WW2) and my grandparents on my dad’s side are Chinese (immigrated to Taiwan during the war) I guess ethnically, this makes me half Indonesian and half Chinese. But I hold a Singapore passport.

2. I am naturally a very warm person, temperature wise. I get warm/hot very easily and I sweat super easily too. On a cold winter day, my hands are usually very warm.

3. I always, always floss before I sleep. If I forget to bring floss, it’s like forgetting to bring my toothbrush.

4. No matter how drunk or wasted I get, I always take a shower (wash my hair and remove my makeup) and do all the bathroom rituals before I go to bed. Even if I am puking my guts out.

5. I cannot go a day without applying lipbalm or chapstick at least five times. Hate them dry lips.

6. I’ve had my Macbook Pro laptop since August 2010. This is the longest I’ve ever owned a piece of electronic that was not handed down to me by other members of my family. I have not upgraded to OSX Lion, and I know when I get a new laptop which will probably be after I graduate from college next year, it will be a difficult transition for me.

7. I just renewed my passport in Singapore, and now I have a new passport number. Kind of annoying when you’ve had the same passport number for the past 21 years, and now you have to memorize a new number. Thank God I got an easy number to memorize. Also, I am not wearing braces anymore in my passport picture.

8. My favorite TV show of all time is still One Tree Hill. I need to download all 9 seasons so I can put it on my hard drive and bring it with me everywhere I go.

9. I miss playing the Clarinet. I’ve stopped since I went to Switzerland for university, but I wish I can keep going. I miss having Clarinet lessons and playing scales and practicing for exams.

10. I will learn to play the cello before I die.

11. I have been pooping a lot more in Seychelles than when I’m in Switzerland. I think it’s the lack of vegetables here… And they say vegetables make you poop more…

12. Last Christmas/New Year’s, I spent it working at a Chalet in Verbier in Switzerland. As much as it sucked that I couldn’t be with family and I had to be in uniform on these days, I spent it with a few good friends and got to watch amazing fireworks on a snowy mountaintop. I’m debating whether or not I should do it again this Christmas or just travel around with friends for our last Christmas holiday together.

13. Since I’ve started using Clinique facewash, toner and face gel, my skin has gotten a lot better. I think the key to my skin is using face gel instead of face lotion. I don’t have oily skin anymore!

14. I instantly feel richer whenever I am traveling alone, especially when I am transiting in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. I will buy food at the airport when I’m hungry… and that’s about it. But still! Everybody knows food at the airport is priced ridiculously, but I will buy it with whatever currency I have on me.

15. Speaking of traveling.. I love flying. I love going on airplanes, sitting on those long airplane rides, and eating airplane food. I love the anticipation that I will soon be in a new destination, even if I have been there a million times. I love picking up my luggage and going out those gates and starting a new adventure.

16. New: I hate it when people wake me up before my alarm rings. I set the alarm for a reason, and I know how long I take to get ready in the morning.

17. New: I can never get a good’s night rest if I’ve been drinking. Like right now. It’s 3am and I have to be up at 6am for a business trip but I’m wide awake cuz I drank just 6 hours back. The worst part is, I fell asleep at 11pm and I don’t feel like I’ve slept at all. I don’t understand it and it sucks.

18. I have this bracelet that I’ve been wearing since I went back to Shanghai in March. I got it for free at Science and Tech because my mum bought so much stuff there, but it’s really significant to me because I never wear jewelry on my arms and if you ask me I can recall every detail of that moment that I was with my mum.

The bracelet. In chinese, it's called 孔雀石- peacock stone.
The bracelet. In chinese, it’s called 孔雀石- peacock stone.

19. I am, for once, really excited to go back to Switzerland and starting school. Knowing what I have been through this summer, how my life has changed, I cannot wait to see how I will adapt to my new life in Switzerland. It is new because I will moving back to campus and living with another girl. For the past two years, I’ve been living with guys in a house across the street from the university. But this year, I will be with a great friend and we are one of the lucky few who have a kitchen on campus. I am excited about my classes and excited for all the work that will come my way.

20. I have had my Fossil wallet since December 2010. I still remember buying at an outlet mall in Germany, and I was so happy to find such a good quality wallet at such a great price. I even got Tyler Ward to sign it when he came to perform in Lausanne in October 2012. But now, I am looking for a new wallet… It’s been too long since I’ve had this one!

Le 20 euro autographed Fossil wallet
Le 20 euro autographed Fossil wallet

21. New: I love the subtle sounds of the pages of a book turning or someone typing on the keyboard or someone cutting paper.

That’s it for today! I need to catch the bus back home, but would love to publish more pictures tomorrow. Alrighty, until tomorrow!


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