Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

Miley Cyrus. Oh Miley Cyrus. What do we do with you?

After all the commotion on the internet with her most recent VMA performance, I wanted to watch it to see what all the hype was about- did the world really get a glimpse of Hannah Montana’s ass? Luckily there is MTV South Africa, and the VMA’s were playing at 22:30. I really tried to stay awake, but with my old age and the two glasses of red wine and two hot dogs for dinner as well as the overwhelming heat, my eyelids forced themselves shut in front of the TV. The next time I woke up, it was to move to the bed and keep on snoozing.

So I missed out. But hey- thank God for YouTube! As always, my work sucks, so I went on YouTube today to watch this particular clip. I was very bummed that they did not have it in HD- who doesn’t want to see Miley Cyrus at her best as if they were on stage with her?

My first thought when she came out was “this girl is just having the time of her life”. Honestly- you look at her body language and you can see that she is relaxed, chilled out, and her “dance moves” did not seem rehearsed. As if hitting her crotch wasn’t enough, Miley surprises her audience more by walking past a big woman who was bent over in striped pants, got eye-level with the lovely gluteus maximus, and slapped it with conviction. It wasn’t one of those I-walked-past-a-nice-piece-of-ass-and-I-wanna-be-pervy-and-see-how-bouncy-it-is-by-slapping-it slap; it was like a ooh-mother-nature-is-great-and-created-this-awesome-piece-of-ass-on-this-awesome-woman-and-I-wish-I-had-one slap.

I’m not sure what the sequence is, but I remember her bending over to wiggle her ass in the air for the audience, stripping into a nude two-piece and waving a foam finger around, putting the foam finger between her legs, and her most infamous move- bending over and ‘grinding’ Robin Thicke.

Her actions were scrutinized by the public- her fans were appalled, her parents (I think) were appalled, and maybe her husband? Who knows- is she still even engaged? Yes, what she did on national television was raunchy and provocative, but does her behavior really warrant front-page coverage?

In my opinion, Miley is doing what every other 20-year-old girl would do, when they are at a club having fun. Don’t tell me that all you women haven’t been to a club and grinded with some hot guy before. And if you haven’t, you are missing out. So go out there and be wild! Don’t worry, you will not have the media judging your every move.

It kinda sucks for Miley. Celebrities, as famous as they are, should always be themselves. If she acts differently, people will say she is a fake. But when she acts herself, people say she is a slut. So what the hell is she supposed to do?

I fully support and love her VMA performance. It is probably Miley at her most real and best. She is 20, and she can do whatever the hell she wants. It’s pretty tough being a celebrity, so where else should she shake her butt other than on stage? I’d rather her do it in front of the world than in some dingy back-alley nightclub. Now that, would look weird. And anyway, the media doesn’t really care about what Miley Cyrus does- they just want to generate views, as per this article. But in all honesty, she has only been alive for two decades and she has been famous for half of her life. She will never melt away from the public eye, no matter what she does. So let her have some fun- after all, we were 20 once and think about all the fun we had. Without the judgment of the whole world.

See? She's just having fun!
See? She’s just having fun!

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