Bean Boozled!

My last night in Singapore, which was Friday night, was spent awesomely. That’s not even a word, but it was awesome. If you guys take a look on the right of your screen, you will see the most recent picture uploaded to my instagram- the past 6 pictures are off Friday night (except for the one with Melanie holding up drumsticks- that was Saturday). 

But what I would love to focus on for this post is the game, Bean Boozled. 

photo (9)

Bean Boozled is a jellybean-eating game. There are 10 colors and 35 jellybeans. Each color has a “good” flavor and a “bad” flavor. Take a look:

20 different flavors
20 different flavors

It is as bad as it sounds. Honestly, I had no idea that the “bad” flavors would taste so real! And gross! I was actually really lucky because most of the time, I got the “good” flavors. The game came with a spinning wheel that each person could spin in order to determine which flavor to eat. But we realized that would take too long since there was 7 of us and it was already 2 in the morning, so we decided to speed up the game by picking one color each and eating it at the same time. It was really funny watching everybody’s expression, and poor Christer, got 5 “bad” flavors in the row.

After awhile, eating one jellybean got boring (the only bad one I got was Booger, and I spat that one out straight away), so David and I decided to make it double trouble! We both decided to pick two brown jellybeans because we wanted to see the probability of who gets what flavor.

And guess what?

We both got Canned Dog Food. Double Canned Dog Food. 

It was GROSS. I actually started gagging and tearing because I was trying to keep my puke down. 

Then everybody started to double up and we started to take videos. Some had both “good” flavors and some had half half, while other had both “bad” flavors. When I was looking at these on the plane, they were hilarious.  

So if you and your friends want something to do next time that does not require much brain power, buy a pack of Bean Boozled at play away! I do suggest a chaser nearby, just in case the flavors get too gross.


7 thoughts on “Bean Boozled!

    1. Hi Lyn!

      I didn’t buy them, but apparently you can get them at the jelly bean stores.. I’m not sure if they sell them anymore though because when I asked at the airport they said they stopped producing them.

  1. Can you get them from Five Below or Dollar Tree?😆😲😲😲😞😒😞😗😋I feel bad 4 the people that get bad flavors a lot it must taste😝😖or😭😱😤😣😫✌💪🙊🙋P.S I love 🐆🍦🍟🍔🍜🍕🍲🍉🍑🍓🍇🌸🌹🌷🗽🚿💐BRB my birthday was yesterday I’m 10 double digits

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