I had McDonalds tonight…

And it was nasty.

I had a McSpicy meal, no upsize, with a diet coke. I was in such a rush to eat it, I didn’t have time to take a picture. While I was chomping away and listening to an awesome YouTube recording, I felt.. weird. I was literally demolishing the fries and the burger. I just kept going and going, with no break. Halfway through, I realized I did not even want to eat this anymore, but I didn’t stop. There is something weirdly addicting about the burgers and fries, and especially the chili sauce, at McDonalds.

More like McNasty!
More like McNasty!

I was so looking forward to eating this meal, that I forgot what kind of effect it had on me. I haven’t had McDonalds in say about.. 3 months? In fact, I haven’t had any junk food at all in this amount of time. This means no fries, no burgers, and no soda in 3 months. I actually stopped drinking soda since March. My body was accustomed to the rice, vermicelli, steamed chicken, boiled vegetables; all the healthy stuff.

But tonight, I wanted McDonalds. It actually popped up in my mind when I was leaving a building and knew there was a McDonalds right in front of me. I took a 40-minute break from my work, came upstairs to get my wallet, and went right back downstairs to buy the meal. When I came back up, my friend said “wow, that was fast”. Really? I didn’t feel that at all. Then it dawned on me: THIS is why it is called “fast” food! McDonalds was right outside; it was convenient, it was cheap, and I could bring it up here to eat. Instead of going to a food court, I chose the easy way out and decided to fill my body with trash instead.

At first, my body was relishing in the yumminess of the food; the feeling of the greasy, salty, soft fries; the steaming, oily, crispy and spicy chicken, and the refreshing, bubbly, diet coke. 7 minutes in, I started to get tired of the incessant chewing. I was tired of picking up a fry, soaking it in chili sauce, and popping it in my mouth. I was tired of biting into the crispy chicken that felt like it was lathered with oil and having to swallow that nastiness. A minute later, I could feel myself getting warmer. I was starting to sweat. Yes, it was that bad. 15 minutes in, I was almost done. I was looking forward to that final bite. Finally, the last bite was consumed.

But I did not feel that satisfaction that I usually feel after a normal meal. Instead, I felt gross. I wanted to stick my fingers down my throat and prompt the junk to come back out again. I wanted to excrete the waste and feel ungross.

As I sit here digesting, I can feel my arteries clogged up and the difficulty I have breathing. I can feel the grease lining my esophagus. I can feel my throat gasping for water, to push the grease down and clean everything out. But as we all learned in 6th grade chemistry, oil is non-polar and water is polar. Because of this, they repel each other. So even my attempts at drowning myself in water, does not help. I can feel the oil forming little bumpy read walls in my throat, which seems like an onset of a scratchy throat.

From now on, I swear myself off fast food. It is so damaging to my body and I had no idea. I’m sorry, body, for making you go through this. Who’s with me?


3 thoughts on “I had McDonalds tonight…

  1. I know what you mean. I do like their French fries, but I try to never eat McDonalds these days. Even my 10 year old son has decided that he doesn’t like McDonalds any more (yay!)

    1. Wow! Hey kudos to you for somehow instigating in your kid that fast food is gross! The fries are amazing though.. and the spicy wings.. and the mcspicy burgers and bigmacs and cheeseburger OMG I’ll stop. Hahaha. But honestly, it is so bad for you. We used to say “once in awhile” was okay, but even then, you gotta watch yourself cuz if you have too many fried things in one day it’ll shock your system!

      Thanks for coming by and following! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  2. I love your writing! “Lathered with oil” – gave me such a delightfully horrifying visual! I’m totally with you on the McDonalds paradox: craving something that makes you feel so gross, even halfway through! After your body gets used to eating healthy, it almost feels like it starts physically rejecting fast food like an incompatible organ transplant.

    MMmm vermicelli… thanks for giving me a much tastier craving to satisfy :)

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