A Student

On Saturday, I had lunch with my family and some of my dad’s colleagues. We went to the National University of Singapore Society’s Chinese restaurant, and I saw this guy:


During the middle of our meal, I asked him what the difference between his white shirt and the black uniform that the other waiters were wearing was- he said the white ones were for part-timers, which meant he was a student.

Then towards the end, when we were ready to leave, I quickly grabbed my camera and approached him for a chat. He is a very easy-going guy, who definitely does not look his age (he is only 17!) He is still in Polytechnic school, and is studying mass communications.

When I asked him my two questions, he replied with:

1. If time and money didn’t matter, he would love to travel to Italy and/or France and eat escargot. He would love to meet locals and hear about their lives and stories.

2. The most interesting thing he has done was play with a fire extinguisher in the bathroom by himself. It’s pretty hilarious, because he sprayed it so much that he almost couldn’t breathe, so he had to run out of the bathroom just as a cleaner came in to clean it. The most interesting part? He was doing it alone because he was in student council and did not want others to see his “bad” side.

Thanks for sharing, he-who-will-remain-nameless (I did ask his name!) in an attempt to keep his secret, a secret.


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