Do you have that one person in your life that you look up to?

That one person in your life that you aspire to be like in the future?

That one person in your life that encourages you to reach for the stars.. AND go beyond?

For me, that is my sister.

Today, my sister graduated from Singapore Management University with a Master of Science in Innovation.

My sister is pretty damn amazing. She took part-time classes (Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays) for a year, while adapting to a new job (when she first started last year), maintaining a healthy social status, rock-climbing, partying, traveling, going on raw-food diets, taking The Courage to Create, taking Principles of Seduction, taking the Leadership Program (all which give you extra homework and doesn’t let you sleep at night), and so much more that I probably do not know about because I am halfway around the world.

She has come out of the year with a 3.81GPA (All A’s and A-‘s), and she is also on the Dean’s list.

Such a cutey
Such a cutey. She really liked the back of her gown.
So proud- the loudest fan-base!
So proud- the loudest fan-base!
Master of Science in Innovation, Class of 2013. Do you see the bliss in their faces? Beautiful.
Master of Science in Innovation, Class of 2013

I really wanted to share with the world how awesome my sister is, and how much she inspires me to be my best.

She literally pushes herself out of her comfort zone every day, and it takes a lot of courage to do that.

What’s more, is that she sacrifices a lot of time and energy into building a better relationship with me so that we can really learn to depend on each other in the future. We are both working at making our relationship into an even better one so that we will never rely on anyone else, except for either ourselves or each other. Even at the toughest times when the tears are flowing the hardest, we will never give up on each other (right Jie?).

It is so rare that you can find that one person who you can love unconditionally, and who loves you back unconditionally. What’s even better is that we are bounded by blood. We don’t need to go through all the formalities that people do when they meet new people and become friends. We can never let each other down as much as other people have; we cannot ‘lose contact’ like you would with a friend in another country; we cannot stay mad at each other because we will always always have the patience and will to hear each other out. We are responsible for each other for the rest of our lives. And I cannot wait to conquer the world with her.

Who wouldn’t be proud of this little dumpling?

So proud of you, Jie.

I hope everybody has at least one person in their lives where who can push them, sacrifice time for them, want the best for them, and want them to succeed. Because even if you do not believe in yourself yet, at least you have that one person who will always believe in you. Who will never give up on you. And when you realize how awesome you are, you will be unstoppable.

Just like how my sister and I will be. Unstoppable.


4 thoughts on “Unstoppable

  1. Hello sweetheart!
    Don’t ever stop blogging because your posts are amazing and so inspiring!!
    Love you lots

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