Their Feat With Gordon Ramsey

These are the last two strangers for this week (my weeks end on Wednesdays :P).

I was at Adam Road Hawker Center and thought it was the perfect place to chat people up. Mind you, I still feel very uncomfortable doing this. Almost everybody in an engaged conversation at their table and I would feel super rude if I just went up to them and interrupted them. (Readers: any suggestions on how to make it easier?)

I walked around for 10 minutes before plucking up the courage to talk to this couple.


It was kinda awkward at first- I asked them “is there anything interesting thing you have done recently that you would like to share?” Obviously I now realize the mistake in this- this is a close-ended question, meaning they can only say yes or no. Next time, I should go with “what is one interesting thing that you have done in your life?”

After a bit of encouragement, the girl finally came up with an awesome feat they did: they queued 8 hours for the “It’s Singapore vs. Ramsey” challenge. And they got in. Obviously.

This is pretty crazy to meet two people who got to witness the magic of Mr. Gordon Ramsey. I don’t care if people have all sorts of evil things to say about him- I love that dude. So to bask in the glory of a couple who have seen him live is just


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