getting to know my 婆婆 (grandmother)

Today, I would like to share my grandma’s story and the amazing house that she lives in.

My grandma was born in 1925. So she is actually 88 this year, not 87.


The house that my family and I have been coming to since we left Singapore in 1993 has such an enriching history behind it.

My grandma worked for 20 years, sowing clothes, selling clothes, baking traditional kueh’s and cakes, selling the goods and much more until she could afford to buy this house in 1963. The house was $3 million Singapore dollars.

My mum in front of the house before it was ready.
My mum in front of the house when it was first bought.
What the house looks like now.
The house in 2013

She had to wait until 1970, after the previous property was torn down and a new house was built, for her to move in with her family.

When asked  if grandpa contributed to any of the costings, she shook her head vigorously and said a big “NO!” My grandpa never contributed anything to her and her children’s life. My grandmother literally raised her children under her own roof.

To this day, after a few renovations, the house is still standing. I am currently in one of the rooms, writing this blog. Throughout the years, many people have asked to buy this house because of its great location. But each time someone comes around, my grandmother shuts the gate in their faces.

The front gate.
The front gate.
Old school letterbox.
Old school letterbox.
A vast garden for our nieces and nephews to play in.
Our own little botanical gardens in the backyard.
We used to suck on these for its sweet nectar.
We used to suck on these for its sweet nectar.
A vast garden for the kids to play in.
A vast garden for the kids to play in.
Our Rufus.
Our Rufus.

This time when I came back, my grandma expressed her wish: for this house to only be passed down through blood, and never sold, so that we will always have a home to come back to. 

Back then.
Back then.

I am so grateful for my 婆婆 who worked so hard to buy this house to provide for her family. She did not rely on her husband, she did not rely on her parents; she did this all herself. I only hope to become half the woman she was.

On another note, I bought a Canon EOS 650D. All the pictures on my blog will now be from my new baby:)

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “getting to know my 婆婆 (grandmother)

    1. Oh goodness, thank you so much Bryan! I am so grateful that you stumbled across this:) I hope my future posts will just be as interesting! I will be checking your blog out tonight. Thank you again!

  1. Lovely story about your grandmother. She is a strong woman and you are blessed to know her. My grandparents were born 15 years before yours, and I am so lucky that I knew them into my adult years. Thanks for sharing this.

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