the old to the new, to the old.

Two days ago I was leaving my house for work. I currently live with my Grandma, Aunt, and the maid. In the mornings, my Grandma is usually sitting out in the garden and picking weeds. But that morning, I saw her silhouette outside our door. I walk outside to say ‘good morning’ to her, and find this peculiar sight:

BAMF grandma.

She was on her mini-iPad, taking pictures of pictures in a photo-album. I was completely awed. Here I was, watching my 87 year-old grandma use technology to simplify her life; and she figured this out all on her own. Actually, when I first found out my Aunt bought her an iPad, I thought it was a bit ridiculous- why would my grandma at her age need something so new and delicate in her life? Turns out that my grandma is quite the smart cookie- she figured out how to set a wallpaper by herself as well as go online to look for recipes! My grandma is one amazing woman. I would love to share her story with all of ya’ll, so more on that tomorrow.

Way to go, popo!


6 thoughts on “the old to the new, to the old.

    1. Oh gosh, thank you so much frizztext! I feel so honored to have you comment on my blog and follow me. I really appreciate it and thank you for supporting me on this journey!

  1. Your grandma is so adorable. My grandma is only 70 and I have a hard time teaching her to save a new number in her cell phone. :) Tell your grandma “hello!” for me! :D

    1. Ahh Inky Lemons! Thank you for commenting and following me- this means a lot! Hey- your grandma has a cellphone and that’s pretty ballin’! I definitely will tell her- Thanks!

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